Battle of the Blocks Rulebook

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  • Red point, peer-judged, bouldering series

  • There are no difficulty or gender brackets or individual scoring. This is solely a team based competition. Men and women of all abilities compete together as a team. A prize will be awarded to each member of the winning team. Individual scores will be recorded in order to determine team scores, but will not be announced, and there are no awards for individuals.

  • There are no finals for individuals. The team scores will be determined solely by the open climbing point values.


  • Available points for each problem are posted next to the problem, and also labeled with a letter for identification. Add 1 to the V grade of a problem and multiply by 100 for the competition point value.

  • EX: A V0 is worth 100 points.

  • Up to 50 points may be added or subtracted for plus or minus grades.

  • EX: V0- (V0 minus) can be worth as few as 50 points, and a V0+ (V0 plus) may be worth as many as 150 points.

  • Flash bonus of 10% is added if a problem is sent first try with no falls

  • No point deduction for falls

  • Each competitor’s top 5 point values are counted and added to their team’s total point score.

  • In the case of a tie, the team with more members wins.