Our Board Members


Shawn Ryan

Chapter Chair

Shawn grew up climbing and hiking with his dad, who often reminisced about the good old days when he would sew his own harnesses from seat belts. That old school upbringing inspired a love for a solid adventure and "type 2 fun".  His current focus in climbing is getting scared while ski mountaineering and alpine climbing. Shawn founded the chapter in 2014 with Alex Wildman and still works tirelessly to improve the chapter and provide new opportunities for Philly's outdoor community. Shawn currently sits on the AAC's chapter spoke committee, which provides volunteer guidance to other chapters and the AAC's board of directors. 


Alex Wildman

Volunteer & Education Chair

Alex is truly a wild man! His quest to see what lies beyond the next corner has lead him on some amazing journeys. Alex lived in the backcountry of Alaska for three months, rode his bicycle across the country, and has completed pretty much every difficult trek in the Northeast, both in the summer and winter. He has proven himself as a man who can persevere through thick and thin with a smile on his face. His background in outreach and event promotion, as well as his endless stoke and great beard, have made him the face of the chapter.


Kate Otte

Events & Programming Chair

Kate grew up in the inspiring landscape of Columbus Ohio, where the tallest point in the county is the landfill. Fortunately her dad is “outdoorsy,” so weekends were spent canoeing the swift waters of the Scioto River, hiking dunes and sandy caves, or enjoying fine car camping cuisine (baked bean sandwiches and pop tarts). When she graduated college and moved to Philly, she started climbing on plastic and fell in with a group of very enthusiastic climbers. Before she knew it, she was spending weekends at the Gunks and climbing her way through the East Coast. Kate is now focusing on becoming a bona fide tradster, looking for tall, epic and intimidating routes.

Emily Dinan

Communications Chair

Emily grew up as a mover and a shaker, spending many years building grit as a modern dancer in NYC.  Since then, she has discovered her passion for all things outdoors and resolved to spend as much time as possible sleeping under the stars.  An epic road trip to 24 national parks in 2017 was Emily's first time learning the ropes on rock outside. Still a self-designated "newbie", she is in it to learn and experience as much of the climbing world as possible with a zest for life and love of laughing at herself.