Group Mentoring Program



This program is designed to connect experienced climbers with newer climbers, and help facilitate the discussions, experiences, and partnerships that will help them be competent and safe in the mountains and at the crags.

Please note: Unless noted in the group description, these groups are not designed to be technical instruction courses; they are meant to provide perspective and advice to climbers looking to expand their skillset. They are meant to be a supplement to, rather than a replacement for, professional guided services.

Each group is open to six mentees, has a specific theme/learning objective, meets once per month, and ends the 4-month session with a trip to practice the principles discussed in the previous meetings. Each group has 2-3 team leaders to provide mentorship. There is also an optional meetup each month which gives everyone in the mentor program a chance to meet and climb with other participants regardless which group they’re in, and an afterparty the month after the program concludes.

This program runs twice per year: January–April and August–November. Registration opens about a month before the session begins. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed when registration opens.

You do not have to be an AAC member to participate in this program!

COST: $30: Gets you a super soft tri-blend AACPHL mentoring program Tshirt with artwork by local artist Kate Otte, as well as food and drinks at the mentoring session wrap-up party.

Please note: Gym day passes and trip costs are not included. Participants who choose to climb prior to each meeting and/or go on the trip are required to pay their own way.