Group Mentoring Pilot Program



The AAC Philadelphia Chapter is excited to launch the pilot of a group mentoring program for local climbers in Philadelphia.

The purpose of the program is to create a dialogue between climbers of varying backgrounds and skill levels to share expertise, experiences and goals. It is an opportunity for both mentoring-up and mentoring-down!

Each mentor group (4-6 people) will have a mix of novice, intermediate, and advanced climbers. You'll take the survey below and we'll sort and match applicants in to groups with differing skill sets. 

The advantage of having a range of experience levels and climbing styles represented in each group is that each participant can bring a unique perspective to the conversation, regardless if you're brand new to climbing or a seasoned veteran. 

This program is not designed to include instruction in hard skills such as belaying or lead climbing. Rather, it is meant to be an opportunity for local climbers to meet new partners and discuss climbing areas worth experiencing, training and gear suggestions, trip planning, and resources to continue your education as a climber.

The program includes four meetings over four months (June–September). Each group should meet at least four times, averaging once a month, for at least an hour each time. We suggest meeting at a local rock gym, but the specifics of meeting location will be determined by your group. Click here to see the suggested discussion topics for each meeting - this is an informal program so they are just guidelines! 

You do not have to be an AAC member to participate in this program!


Applications to join the program are due by the end of April. 

The program administrator will arrange the members in to groups and assign group coordinators. 

Your group coordinator will be responsible for scheduling and making arrangements for meetings.

Your group coordinator will contact you in May to set up your group’s first meeting, to occur in June.

The program will run June though September 2018



Sign the AAC's online waiver.

The AAC uses EZWaiver for all of our events. It'll take a minute or two to create an EZWaiver account, but once you have you can sign future waivers in seconds by logging in. Please make sure to sign both the climbing and social waivers


Fill out the form below to register for the program


Please reach out if you have questions!

Kate Otte

Climbing Mentoring Program Administrator

AAC Philadelphia Chapter