Local Access Alerts

Gunks 2018 Peregrine Closure

The annual Gunks closure has been announced. For more information check out the Gunks Climbers' Coalition website. 

Local Climbing Areas



A retired quarry some dedicated locals have bolted for sport climbing. No toprope access, all routes must be lead ground up. Approx. 1 hour West of Philly. The rock can be loose in places so make sure to bring your helmet!


Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor is a sport climbing area (mostly slab) along the banks of the Susquehanna River. Approx. 1 hour and 45 min. from Philadelphia. The North and South sections of Safe Harbor face southwest, making it a great winter destination.


Governor Dick A.K.A Mt Gretna

A favorite area for bouldering approx 1hr 40min away. Easy access, great trails and great landings make this one of the most popular diabase bouldering areas for the Philly community. 


Governor Stable

The Governor Stable Boulders are located on private land approx. 2 hrs from Philadelphia. With sensitive access and limited dates for climbing January 15th, 2017 - Aug 31st, 2017  get it while you can! It's worth the wait and the drive. Be respectful and abide by the GS 2017 rules! 


Haycock Mountain

Haycock doesn't have a webpage like PA's other finest bouldering areas , but it does share the same quality Diabase and it's the closest to Philadelphia at approx. 1 hour 20 min. Haycock can be tricky to navigate for the uninitiated, but lucky for you we have a link to the new guidebook app authored by local Philly hardman Char Fetterolf. 



Here are some other gems of Pennsylvania if you're itching to explore some far away blocs.



Need Partners or a Guide?

We get it, sometimes its hard to find the right partner for the routes you want to climb or to even find a partner at all. Luckily there are plenty of options out there for the partnerless. Whether you're looking for belay buddy at the gym or a professional to teach you big walling and multipitch trad these links have you covered. 

In Philly

Valley To Summit

Philly Climbing Meetup Group

Up North

Alpine Endeavors

High XPosure Adventures

Down South

Seneca Rocks Climbing School 

Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides

New River Mountain Guides

Need Gear?

Philly can be a bit of a gear desert. We have some REI's and Eastern Mountain Sports for the basics, but if you're looking for a bigger selection of shoes, harnesses, sky hooks, big wall gear or guidebooks to try out you're going to have to travel. While visiting the east coast's finest crags we recommend stopping by these local fixtures. Please do your best to support these shops by buying local. They are important parts of our community! 

Rock and Snow      The Gunks                              

The Mountaineer   The Adirondaks              

Waterstone             New River Gorge                    

Miguels                   Red River Gorge                      

Gendarme              Seneca

IME                         New Hampshire