Gunks Road Trip Half-Day Clinics

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Gunks Road Trip Half-Day Clinics

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If you would like a full day of professional guiding and/ or instruction, we have partnered with Alpine Endeavors to offer discounted pricing to road trip attendees. Alpine Endeavors is offering two full-day courses, one designed for beginner climbers and one for intermediate climbers (use the links to register directly with AE on their website). Space is currently still available in these clinics. 


We are partnering with Paul Curran of Vertical Gains to provide two half-day clinics on Saturday June 23rd. The morning session is an advanced clinic for climbers who have a couple years of experience, while the afternoon session is an introductory clinic geared towards newer climbers. 

There are only 4 slots available in each clinic, and they will fill quickly. So register soon if you are interested in taking part! 

If you are not a member of the Mohonk Preserve, you must also pay for a day pass in order to access the cliff. Our chapter has purchased a block of day passes and is offering them at 50% off to road trip attendees. There are a limited number of these available so make sure to snag your day passes when registering. 

The morning clinic will meet at the West Trapps Parking lot. Afternoon clinic will meet at the Uberfall section of the undercliff Carriage Road. Chapter volunteers will be on hand to help you get to your clinic if you're new to the area. Please plan on being at the training site 30 minutes before your clinic starts. Finally, please keep in mind that tipping your guide is always appreciated. 

Once you have registered for the course through our website. Please fill out Vertical Gains' Registration Form and Liability Waiver and send the completed forms to Paul at VG's forms are in addition to the AAC's online waiver you will complete before registering for the weekend. 


9:00am- 12:00pm

This clinic will teach climbers who already have a foundation of climbing skills what to do when things go sideways. Course curriculum include hauling a stuck climber, assisted rappelling, and escaping the belay. 


12:30pm- 3:30pm

This clinic will teach general knowledge of the terms, equipment, and techniques to effectively set up a toprope anchor for climbing. It will also cover an overview of anchoring techniques and climbing equipment placement and retrieval.