To apply for one of these positions, please email us with the job opening in the subject line. 


Volunteer Crew

Our chapter is always looking for new mentors who are stoked to share their passion for climbing. You will join a team of knowledgeable mentors who are working to collectively raise the level of climbing competency in the region. We ask that mentors have a couple years of climbing experience, and be willing and able to manage a group of up to 6 mentees over a four month period. 

Communications Coordinator

Logistics Team

Monitor our Philly Chapter email daily and respond to and route emails as needed. You will be actively involved in every aspect of the chapter’s projects, and will be the main point of contact for everyone sending us email. This position reports to the communications chair.

Volunteer Coordinator

Logistics Team 

Work under the chapter chair to develop programming and benefits specific to our volunteer corps. Jobs include organizing the annual volunteer retreat, volunteer potluck, and informal volunteer gatherings, as well as managing and developing the volunteer resource library.  

Gear Rental Program Coordinator

Logistics Team

We are interested in starting a gear library program and we are looking for someone to help research, develop and manage this program. Your tasks would include reaching out to similar program managers to assess what would be required to start and maintain this type of programming, help think about the infrastructure, items and regulations, and ultimately getting this program off the ground.