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The Gunks

The Gunks, short for Shawangunks, is one of the most notable climbing destinations on the East coast! Located in upstate NY, approximately 3 hours from Philly, the Gunks is well known for numerous climbing routes that will challenge climbers at any skill level. The Gunks consists entirely of traditional climbing and bouldering; some top ropes can be set up, but you won’t find any sport routes here.

Most of the climbing areas are located within the Mohonk Preserve, New York State’s largest nonprofit nature preserve. There are several key areas for climbing, but the main ones are the Trapps and the Near Trapps. Both require a day pass to the Preserve. The Peterskill climbing area at Minnewaska State Park is a separate day pass purchased at the parking lot day-of.

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Each climbing area is further sub-divided and there are guidebooks available for route information, including:

Access to the Preserve’s grounds require a day pass or a season pass. If you need a day pass, the AAC PHL will have a limited number of discounted day passes when you register. If you do not have the equipment and experience to lead traditional climbing routes , set up topropes, or boulder outside, we have partnered with the Eastern Mountain Sports New Paltz Climbing School to provide guide services. Day passes and guiding are optional and are in addition to the base registration. More information can be found on our Registration, Day Pass, and Guiding page.