Battle of the Blocks Captain Spotlight: Peter Webb

Peter is a Battle of the Blocks Captain for the Main Line Manatees! Peter grew up moving between Delaware and the San Francisco Bay Area, and has been climbing for at least 5 years. He currently lives in Ardmore with his wife, and don’t get outdoors nearly enough for his taste. His favorite style of climbing is multi-pitch trad.


When and how did you first get into climbing?
I first got into climbing during college at Temple’s old climbing wall, at the persistence of a roommate who continues to pull harder than I do. Things escalated quickly!

What do you like about your neighborhood and what makes it unique?
My neighborhood is a place for families. One of the things I love about my block is climbing with a father and son duo, and our shared experiences are something we bring with us into our respective families and larger community. Plus we get up crazy early to hit the wall before we start our daily commute.

What do you love about climbing and how do you think this comp is going to bring your team together?
I love climbing because it is a physical manifestation of my relationship with fear. When I reach a moment where I am trying something a bit too hard, a bit too exposed and a bit too scary- and do it anyway, that moment is where I grow. I want this comp to bring our team together with our shared experience: both in effort and in fun!