Battle of the Blocks Captain Spotlight: Mohammad Ahmed

Mo is a Battle of the Blocks Captain for the Main Line Manatees! Mo moved to West Chester, PA almost 10 years ago, from a tiny country called Bangladesh. He mostly hits up the climbing gyms around Philly and hangs out with friends around there. He has been climbing for about almost 5 years now.


When and how did you first get into climbing?
I started climbing at the West Chester University’s Rec Center's rockwall. My first time hitting a finish hold and fell in love with the sport, once I got down to the floor, fell in love with the community. Been climbing ever since, and helping the community however I can.

What do you like about your neighborhood and what makes it unique?
Well I live about an hour away from Philly but I have friends around there. Honestly, most neighborhoods around here are pretty cool and relaxed. Honestly, the only thing missing is a little bit of communication, this comp/event thing sounds like perfect opportunity to fix that. And I'd love to be a part of that and help out as much as possible.

What do you love about climbing and how do you think this comp is going to bring your team together?
I love the fact that climbing not only challenges me physically, but mentally too. Figuring out a problem and crushing a project is delightful. But the best part is the community, this comp will bring climbers from all over the area together and hopefully light some sort of fire in them to grow and crush problems together. Not much can beat the feeling of seeing a good ol' 'Scend Train!