Battle of the Blocks Captain Spotlight: Melanie Brendia

Melanie is a Battle of the Blocks Captain for the North Philly Narwhals! Melanie has been climbing since 2014 and can't wait to meet other North Philly climbers through this competition!


When and how did you first get into climbing?
I first started climbing in 2014 when one of my girlfriends suggested we take the belay class at our local climbing gym. She doesn't climb anymore, but I became obsessed! Since then, I’ve indulged myself in all disciplines of climbing.

What do you like about your neighborhood and what makes it unique?
North Philly is my first and favorite neighborhood in Philadelphia. North Philly dominates the other neighborhoods because of its diversity, incredible food scene, and Tufas, the best climbing gym in Philadelphia!

What do you love about climbing and how do you think this comp is going to bring your team together?
Since taking up climbing, I found new mental and physical strength and traveled to stunning places I would have never considered before. Still, the climbing community is what I love the most about the sport. I've never met a group of people as stoked, supportive, and friendly! I hope that North Philly climbers will be able to connect with each other through this competition and help this great community grow. Nothing brings a community together like winning, which is what the North Philly Narwhals are going to do!