Battle of the Blocks Captain Spotlight: Rory Coughlin

Rory is a Battle of the Blocks Captain for the South Philly Sloths! You may know Rory as the general manager for Tufas Boulder Lounge, but he calls South Philly home after having lived in almost every neighborhood in Philly over the past 15 years!


When and how did you first get into climbing?
I was first introduced to climbing in 2002 after taking a Top Rope course at High Rocks. Soon afterwards I found my way to the gym and fell in love with everything rock climbing.

What do you like about your neighborhood and what makes it unique?
I think I have lived in every neighborhood in Philly over the past 15 years and they all have something unique to offer, but South Philly just feels right for me. It has retained a lot of old neighborhood charm despite all the changes happening in Philadelphia. Plus the food scene in South Philly is all over the place and amazing. Not to mention Fountain Porter is the best neighbor bar ever. But don’t tell anyone!

What do you love about climbing and how do you think this comp is going to bring your team together?
I love so many different things about climbing it’s hard to pick one. I love the social bonding and all the laughter. I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone and helping others to do the same. I also love being able to travel the world and experience it through a different medium. I think the Battle of the Blocks will be a great way for everyone to get together and share their love for climbing while building new friendships.

Rory Waterval Boven 1 (1).JPG