Story Swap Preview: Crys Moore

Crys Moore is a product designer living on the border of Fairmount and Brewerytown. Originally hailing from South Carolina, they landed in Philly after living in Chicago, Los Angeles and Brooklyn. Crys helps run PHLash: Philly's LGTBQIA+ climbing community, and is also a mentor in the AAC’s mentoring program. Some of Crys’ favorite things are pizza, tacos, chips and salsa and dead vertical crimp climbing.

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Crys, what is your story swap presentation about?

My story swap is about finding community and personal empowerment via Queer climbing. Queer bodies are often traumatized bodies, often the subject to various forms of violence from normative culture. Creating community, for me, has been a journey of personal healing, making space for intersectionality, and challenging my own normative assumptions. I've learned that because it was uncomfortable, I was on the right path. My vision is a Philly climbing community where black, brown, white queer bodies are at the center of the constellation rather than allies on the edges. Where we all are able to challenge our own assumptions with rigor, compassion, and kindness. A few of us are attempting this over at JOIN US!

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How did you get introduced to climbing/ when did you start getting really into it?

I started climbing with CRUX, NYC's LGTBQ+ climbing community about 5 years ago and became immediately obsessed. Climbing gave me a new way to relate to my body; it made me feel strong, present, and I really loved solving boulder problems that I thought were impossible for me. What sustains me is how climbing challenges me mentally, physically, and requires constant skill practice. In the gym, I love to boulder because of the powerful movements and outside I like to sport and trad climb.

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What kind of climbing do you like?

Indoor: Bouldering mostly; Outdoor: Sport/Trad; I also like scrambling, long ass hikes, mountaineering, and swingin' tool.

What are your future goals or big objectives?

I'd like to send 'Laid Back and Well Hung' at the Bird and Tropicana at Rumney this season. Lead a lot more Trad and 2020 is maybe looking like a trip to the Dolomites.

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To hear more of Crys’ story, join us September 25th 6:30 pm at Azavea!