Story Swap Preview: John Martin

John D. Martin is a mountaineer, climber and runner, currently living in Princeton, New Jersey. John was a recipient of the AAC’s Live Your Dream Grant, and will be talking about his trip to the Cascades last year. When he’s not in the mountains, John’s mind wanders into the tech-filled future: “I think about Artificial Intelligence a lot.”

IMG_1902 (1).jpeg

What’s your swap story about?

I will share my perspective on the familiar question “Are mountain climbers selfish?” by relating it to my experience climbing Mt Shuksan's Price Glacier back in 2018.

On the Ridgeline summit of Pico de Orizaba.

How did you get introduced to climbing/ when did you start getting really into it?

My partner and I introduced ourselves to outdoor climbing after realizing that we couldn't hike our way to the top of every mountain.

Where do you like to climb? 

I like to climb alpine routes, because they force me to spend long days in the mountains and, because the experience always changes.


What kind of climbing and/or what other outdoor recreation activities do you like to participate in? 

I enjoy trad climbing when I have the time and opportunity to go. Though, I'm not a very strong climber these days. I also like to run and, oddly enough, I prefer a city street to a mountain trail.

What are your future goals or big objectives?

I would like to do a couple interesting climbs on Rainer: 1. a 24hr mad dash up the Emmons, 2. an attempt at the Curtis Ridge.


To hear more of John’s story, join us September 25th 6:30 pm at Azavea!