Story Swap Preview: Juan Pineda

Anyone who’s spent time at Tufas, Go Vertical, one of the crags near Philly or up at the Gunks, has probably run into Juan Pineda. Juan has been climbing since 1996, and spreading the climbing stoke wherever he goes. If you see Juan and need some beta, he’s happy to chat: “I'm always open to help anyone and to pass on all the lessons I've learned.”


What’s your swap story about?

My friend Hayley and I will be talking about our trip to Colombia last year to the Suesca Crag— Suesca is a little town about 1 hour north of Bogota, but since Bogota is so big, from the airport it’s about 2 hours. This was my homecrag for all my college years; I lived there for 6 months before moving to the US. The rock is limestone with lots of ins an outs, so every face has a lot climbs, and also raises to about 5 pitches.

On the Ridgeline summit of Pico de Orizaba.

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I’m originally from Colombia and I moved in 2000 to Miami. In 2013 I moved to Philly, and  now I live in Fishtown.

 How did you get introduced to climbing/ when did you start getting really into it?

By my cousin in 1996 after I had to stop skating. I got hooked immediately, I just loved it. I started at the gym first for a bit, and then when they took me to Suesca, that was it, I was totally hooked! The rock and the views are amazing. I learned before there was internet, so I read a bunch of books, learned from mentors and just climbed a lot.


What kind of climbing and/or what other outdoor recreation activities do you like to participate in? 

I love sport and trad climbing, also hiking when I can't climb, and I also golf a lot.

What are your future goals or big objectives?

Right now becoming a father, my son will be born in October


To hear more of Juan’s story, join us September 25th 6:30 pm at Azavea!