Meet a presenter: Matt Gowie

Matt is one of our presenters for this year's Story Swap. Matt is a Philly native who got into climbing when he moved back to Philadelphia after college. When he moved to Seattle a few months later, his climbing hobby turned into a full on obsession and he would regularly drive the 6 hours each way to get outside at Oregon’s Smith Rock on the weekends. After traveling the world for a little over a year, Matt has returned to Philly and will be telling us about his epic on Rib of Goat in Mazama, Washington.


Where are your from and what do you do?
Unfortunately I’m not doing much climbing these days due to a pair of bum elbows … but finding plenty to do in the meantime while they recover. I spend most of my free time building out what I hope to be a sweet camper van. I’m also into Punk and Hardcore music, Sci-fi and Board games.

What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of?
Climbing on 5 continents!

What is your story about?
We were climbing Prime Rib of Goat, on the Goat Wall in Mazama, Washington. We chose it because it’s one of the highest climbs around the Pacific Northwest.

A memorable part of the trip?:
My partner radioing to us: “Guys I’m at the end of the rope and I think I’m lost."

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