Meet a presenter: Megan Getz

Megan is one of our presenters for this year's Story Swap. Megan grew up in Northeast Philly and currently lives in Fishtown. With a marathon and a century ride under her belt, she keeps things moving and spends her weekends biking, running, hiking and climbing. At this year’s story swap, Megan and her girlfriend Amelia will be talking about their bike tour in the Westfjords of Iceland: “I loved biking in an isolated area of a beautiful country. We would bike for hours looking at beautiful nature without any cars passing us.”  

Zion 2018.jpg

What do you do for a living?
I work the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, doing data reporting and analysis and evaluating provider agencies.

How did you get introduced to climbing?
Around 2015 through the persuasion of a friend who knew I’d love it.  I was into it from the start, but particularly when I started climbing outside.

When you’re not climbing, what are you doing instead?
Hiking (mountains preferably), backpacking, traveling to national parks and other wild areas; biking and running.


What is your story about and why did you choose this objective?
I’ll be talking about our bike tour in the Westfjords in Iceland. At the time I never did a bike tour and had never been to the Westfjords. I did some hiking in Iceland and wanted to go back. The terrain is beautiful and so different than anywhere else I’d ever been.

What was the crux of the trip?
Our route required a day of travel on a rugged unpaved mountain road (without mountain bikes) in addition to elevation gain that I’d never experienced on a bike.