Be a Mentor with the AAC 


• Pass down knowledge and experience
• Help climbers understand and assess risks, and avoid accidents caused by ignorance or not taking the endeavor of outdoor climbing seriously enough
• Help new climbers understand what they’ll need to learn and acquire to achieve their goals
• Protect our favorite climbing areas by teaching climbing ethics
• Share the stoke and make the Philadelphia climbing community stronger


If you are unfamiliar with the format and purpose of this program, please read the mentoring program page. Please note: Registration fees are waived for mentors and you will also receive a free t-shirt!


We have created discussion guides to assist group leaders in determining the appropriate content and level of complexity that can be covered in each session. Our intent is that the curriculum can be a mix of discussion and demo, whatever the leader thinks is best to communicate the ideas. You can read a brief overview of each topic and examples of a group’s meeting discussion guide here.


Your group will meet 3-4 times every other week (meeting dates are determined by you and the other mentor). Meetings should last about an hour. The session wraps up with either a trip or a guided course. You are expected to attend all meetings and the trip. If the session ends with a guided course, you are not expected to participate in/pay for the guided session, but we’d encourage you to climb on your own and meet up with the mentees afterwards.

Most groups have 2 mentors, so you will be working together on what will be needed to demonstrate/discuss the topics being covered. This includes bringing the right gear if you are doing demos, telling mentees what gear they should bring, etc. Once you are placed into the program, we will pair you up with another mentor and you two will determine the most convenient days, time and meeting place for your group.


All mentors are required to have a minimum of 3 years of experience climbing/mountaineering outside. You must have at least 2 years of leading in their chosen topic. We also look for climbers who can identify safe climbing practices, who have climbed a variety of places and experiences, and have informally taught climbing skills to friends. Completing instructional/guided courses and/or having taught courses is a plus but not necessary.

Questions? Get in touch:
Kate Otte and Genevieve Stroebel
Mentoring Program Administrators
AAC Philadelphia Chapter