Mentoring Program Scholarship

We acknowledge that the cost of guided instruction is what keeps many climbers from furthering their education. We also believe that climbing instruction should be taught by professionals who should be paid in full for their services. Our aim is to make it a little easier to invest in your education by offering a partial scholarship for mentoring program participants.


This scholarship is based on two factors: supporting your growth as a climber, and financial need.

Supporting growth
Applicants should show that they have enthusiasm and passion for climbing, and have ambitions to explore, travel, and test their limits.

Financial need
You don’t need to get into specifics - just be honest. This scholarship is meant for someone with a financial burden, not someone who doesn’t feel like paying full price. Some examples: having kids/caring for a loved one, working seasonally or having unsteady income, having massive student loans, etc.


We are offering up to four $100 scholarships to qualified applicants. Your application is confidential and will be reviewed by a blind panel of 3 judges. Scholarship recipients will not be announced or advertised; each recipient will be contacted privately.


You are responsible for enrolling in the course offered through the mentoring program. This scholarship cannot be applied to another course or guide services. You will also be responsible for paying the remainder of course costs, which includes but is not limited to, transportation, guide tip, food, and accommodations. Recipients will act as American Alpine Club Ambassadors to the wider climbing community and are expected to champion the mission and values of the Club.

Applications due: September 10

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